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Go to  and help save some manatees. If you don’t know what they are go there and they have games, information, banners, backgrounds, T-shirts, gifts and more! You can even adopt a manatee. You give 25$ and you pick out a manatee then you get sent a poster, manatee coloring book, information book, your manatees biography and if you give 35$ you also get a T-shirt! Go there and protect this endangered species.

Do you know what a manatee is? A manatee is a large mammal that lives in the Gulf of Mexico. They are an endangered species. It was a cold winter in Florida this year and over five hundred manatees died! Now the oil spill is hurting not just the manatees but also sea turtles, fish and birds. It damages the

A Manatee

A Manatee

manatee’s food (water lettuce, mangrove leaves, turtle grass etc.) and blocks the sun to stop the plants from growing. The oil also can case death or sever injury to manatees.

Chapter One–Saving the World…I think

I climbed through the portrait that had a picture of a rich man who owned this building on the wall. I looked around the furnished room and saw a small little book sitting on the desk. the desk had a phone, computer, glasses, books and a pen on it. I searched the room for traps as I advanced on the desk. This little book was all I needed it would insure my career as a spy for the UWSSA (United We Stand Spy Agency) and it would save the world from total destruction. I gulped as my shaky gloved hand went toward the book. I could almost feel the cold leather in my hand. I picked up the book and opened the strap that secured it tight. I saw the ink writing in the book and almost dropped it. This was what was going to save the world it was, and I did it! Well I would’ve but…

I woke up in a cold room on a medal bed. Over me stood Dr. Jean. She was frowning. I wondered why, I had got the book, hadn’t I?

“Jean,” I asked. “What’s wrong?”

“You,” she snarled. “How dare you, you just wrecked the world!” she snapped.

“What?” i said. “But–I got the book!”

She picked up what looked like a piece of charcoal in her hand. I had a feeling that wasn’t a piece of wood.

“How did this happen?” I asked confused.

“How-how did this happen!” she almost yelled. “You-you go away!”

She ripped off the badge from my shirt. “How could you? You ruined everything!”

“What?” I said tears in my eyes.

“GO!” She screamed.

I got up and raced for the medal door fumbling with the handle as my eyes clouded up in tears. I raced out blindly into the crowded hallway. Where kids corwded me saying ‘good job! you got it!’ but I just passed them until I got to my room and dove into my bed. I had been in this place forever! Sience  I was born! I was born to be a spy. I got up and looked at the messages on my phone. I had one from my mom, and my best friend Amy. Well I was going to move into my mom’s aprartment I guess. I would go to normal school. Why had i been kicked out? I packed my stuff and by the end of the day I had left the building. I took a cab to townton New York where I saw the fnacey building where my rich mom was. The door man there greeted me with a high and told me my mom’s room number. I had only been there once and that was when I had broken my leg during a spy accident. I knocked on the door (I didn’t even have a key!) The door opened and there stood a woman in a white drees and high heels that shone.

“Hello,” she said.