Dear Readers,

As you can see I’m a bit of a writer and I take a few missions for the Boss. One of them was when we went to Fort Myer’s Beach Florida. It was fun and we went

On the Plane

on a manatee boat tour. I got sovineers and we stayed in a condo. Teh condo was cheap but after we got there we found out why: the ocean was father away then we had thought. I mean it was right there but it was this little exass pool. Where there was a lot of gunk and what I think were jellyfish. Also at that time the Oil spill had happened and we were afraid it was going to ruin our vacation/mission. But after we got out to the good part of the ocean it was fun. We road waves and well boogie boarded. They also had a small chlorine pool where I put my dad’s snorkel to use.

Birds on the Beach near the Condo

We were on an island connected to Fort Myers really. Also there was a community beach and it was packed! There was a pier that was really nice where I saw a guy catch a baby shark. I saw the fins of dolphins (or sharks, not sure). The plane ride there was always fun. I got used to taking off. I never wanted to leave. It was so nice! I want to go there again sometime!

Have fun!

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