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I’m going to be unavailable for a week.

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Go to www.savethemanatee.org  and help save some manatees. If you don’t know what they are go there and they have games, information, banners, backgrounds, T-shirts, gifts and more! You can even adopt a manatee. You give 25$ and you pick out a manatee then you get sent a poster, manatee coloring book, information book, your manatees biography and if you give 35$ you also get a T-shirt! Go there and protect this endangered species.

Do you know what a manatee is? A manatee is a large mammal that lives in the Gulf of Mexico. They are an endangered species. It was a cold winter in Florida this year and over five hundred manatees died! Now the oil spill is hurting not just the manatees but also sea turtles, fish and birds. It damages the

A Manatee

A Manatee

manatee’s food (water lettuce, mangrove leaves, turtle grass etc.) and blocks the sun to stop the plants from growing. The oil also can case death or sever injury to manatees.