Chapter One–Saving the World…I think

I climbed through the portrait that had a picture of a rich man who owned this building on the wall. I looked around the furnished room and saw a small little book sitting on the desk. the desk had a phone, computer, glasses, books and a pen on it. I searched the room for traps as I advanced on the desk. This little book was all I needed it would insure my career as a spy for the UWSSA (United We Stand Spy Agency) and it would save the world from total destruction. I gulped as my shaky gloved hand went toward the book. I could almost feel the cold leather in my hand. I picked up the book and opened the strap that secured it tight. I saw the ink writing in the book and almost dropped it. This was what was going to save the world it was, and I did it! Well I would’ve but…

I woke up in a cold room on a medal bed. Over me stood Dr. Jean. She was frowning. I wondered why, I had got the book, hadn’t I?

“Jean,” I asked. “What’s wrong?”

“You,” she snarled. “How dare you, you just wrecked the world!” she snapped.

“What?” i said. “But–I got the book!”

She picked up what looked like a piece of charcoal in her hand. I had a feeling that wasn’t a piece of wood.

“How did this happen?” I asked confused.

“How-how did this happen!” she almost yelled. “You-you go away!”

She ripped off the badge from my shirt. “How could you? You ruined everything!”

“What?” I said tears in my eyes.

“GO!” She screamed.

I got up and raced for the medal door fumbling with the handle as my eyes clouded up in tears. I raced out blindly into the crowded hallway. Where kids corwded me saying ‘good job! you got it!’ but I just passed them until I got to my room and dove into my bed. I had been in this place forever! Sience  I was born! I was born to be a spy. I got up and looked at the messages on my phone. I had one from my mom, and my best friend Amy. Well I was going to move into my mom’s aprartment I guess. I would go to normal school. Why had i been kicked out? I packed my stuff and by the end of the day I had left the building. I took a cab to townton New York where I saw the fnacey building where my rich mom was. The door man there greeted me with a high and told me my mom’s room number. I had only been there once and that was when I had broken my leg during a spy accident. I knocked on the door (I didn’t even have a key!) The door opened and there stood a woman in a white drees and high heels that shone.

“Hello,” she said.